Petra Serve: I was irritated and curious all at once.

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Do you hate the culture of consumption? Do you think patriarchy is a cancer that eats us all alive? Do you have the creeping feeling running up your spine, a haunting suspicion that capitalism and christianity are the real terrors of the postmodern age okay, okay, all religions and dogmatic ideologies that teach unsuspecting adherents to cope with injustice in exchange for a mythological promise supported by fairy tales designed to induce guilt, shame, and subservience? Does the thought of dressing up and going out to a club or bar make you want to throw yourself under a bus and never wake again to face this performance of selfdisempowerment in the name of sociability and highly constructed notions of expectant leisure behavior inherently designed to proceed in the service of capitalism? Do you think anyone who loves america is a zombie feeding on their own brains... brains that have been washed by... uhh... you see, it's like they're wait. wait! Okay, so they are zombies, right, but they have no brains because they've been brainwashed... and then... I don't know. Are you attentive enough to get that the zombie stuff above was a selfcritical riff on the rhetoric of leftist/radical criticism? Are you repulsed by privileged white people in their bourgeoisass homophobic protect my family suburbs and luxury sedans, their heteronormative traditionalist happy lives of willful consumption, their celebrity gossip selfinvolved TV night denialridden carnivorous neolib mowthelawn comfort fascist complicity? Do you curse beneath and above your breath the culture of cruelty, of factory farming and grassfed exploitation alike? Are you sufficiently cynical to accept the tone of this message with a grain of salt, to find familiar and/or intriguing both the ideas behind it and the attitude in front of it? That is, do you feel many of these things but know it would be naive to bother thinking about it too much or believing that anything can be done to combat all ills described h

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