Kon Tum Vining: I arrived, my face an inch, or so, from her butt plug.

I search for Love, hand holding, cant wait till I see you at the end of the day, call you at lunch just to say hi, sit closely at church and lay my head on your shoulder, leave little notes in your lunch, plan future outings and take walks together because we both could loose some weight and we want to be healthier so we can share many more years together. We will dote on grandkids and smile when our families visit. We will work side by side in the yard and you will giggle every time I make you smell a rose, because it reminds us to make the best out of life. I cry if you become stern or disappointed because I am tender hearted and you immediately take me in your arms and apologize, when I am done crying we sit and discuss what happened and wont go to bed or leave without making amends. When you don't feel good, I fix you soup and gently wrap a blanket around you while you rest. You stop on the way home and grab dinner when you know I have had a bad day, then we go outside and talk while the dogs run the back yard...you threaten me that we need a real dog not little pretend ones, but secretly you adore them as I do. You check my oil once a week and I see it as a gesture of love and care. I hand you tools as you fix something because I am not very good at doing it but I want to help, if you get hot I bring you ice water. We find things to do that we both enjoy and encourage the other to go play with their friends one in awhile so we don't run out of things to share. But even so we can sit quietly and even the silence is comforting because we just love to close. I think it is sweet how you tear up at a movie and try to hid it, you laugh when I jump at a scary movie. We plan weekend drives to who knows where, just to find a new place we have never kissed before. We take vacations even if we feel too busy because we know we need to nurture ourselves and each other. We make it point to make love at least once weekly even if tired and life has demands, we know our relatio

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